Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits

Capturing What Lies Beneath the Fur


Capturing What Lies Beneath the Fur



My Story

My name is Lesley Daley.  I have fond memories with my dad making photographs in our home built darkroom.  My dad taught me the technical elements to work with film and digital medium. We spent hours together creating portraits and developing them.  He was a perfectionist, with an eye for detail; thankfully his gifts have been passed down to me.   


My Experience

In my 25 years of professional photography experience I had the privilege to shoot many pets and people. I am a Registered Nurse with a Bachelors Degree in Photography & Graphic Arts and a Masters in Nursing Education. I am a published author, and a public speaker. You can rely on me to deliver elegant, perfectly lit photos of the highest quality every time. 


My Photos

 My passion is to create a timeless portrait; an image that captures the unique and beautiful spirit that lives within.  I want people to see their pets in a way that they do not normally do. I want to show the animals they are so familiar with in a way they have not seen them before. I will capture what lies beneath the fur; their quirks, their heart;  their personalities & their smiles.